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    I’m not amazing, but I’m not shit either.

    Sometimes I think I am though.

    — 4 hours ago

    When I’m high I often crave orange soda.

    Hmm looking at Kel differently now…

    — 1 day ago

Good spot to relax and toke 👌💯


    Good spot to relax and toke 👌💯

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    when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

    When it occured to us that “said” implies a direct quote, while “was like” clarifies that you mean to communicate the person’s tone and general point without quoting them word for word.


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    Best backstory. (x)

    You know…for a second there…his head shape led me to believe he could be Phineas’s father.

    whA T

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    So I went to a party on Friday and there was a girl who was getting super hyped to the hip hop that was playing, dancing and rapping along and everything. At one point she even shouted “suwoo!”

    And it turned me on.


    — 5 days ago

    A lot of people think I don’t trust them.
    I just don’t like to talk.

    — 6 days ago

    When she wants you to buss on her face but by that stage she’s already emptied your balls

    — 1 week ago

    Have no clue what the fuck I’m doing.

    — 2 weeks ago

    Just like you, I get lonely too

    — 2 weeks ago

    There’s a lot of responsibility on one person to change how I see things.

    I hope they’re successful.

    — 2 weeks ago

    Do you know how difficult it is to bang a dookie with a torn hamstring?

    — 2 weeks ago